The Brass Endurance 125 Time and Tide Clock has a combination quartz and tide clock movement which averages the Atlantic lunar tide cycle. The tide sector is calibrated for the east coast of the United States. Uses a AA battery. (Note: The clock will work for other tidal bodies of water but will need to be re-set more frequently.) This clock is maintenance-free with ultra-hard finish guaranteed to NEVER tarnish. Patented Slide-n-Lock™ Mounting System leaves no visible mounting screws and is easily removed for adjustments & battery replacement.

  • Brass finish
  • Beveled glass crystal
  • Includes AA Battery
  • United States Patent #7,293,456
  • Dial: 4 7/8” (125 mm)
  • Base: 6” (152 mm)
  • Depth: 1 5/8” (41 mm)
  • Lifetime warranty on finish and movement
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