FULLY Assembled and Marble Base Included!

Handcrafted Models USS Constitution Model Ship - Limited Edition - 30"
  • Only 100 to ever be make, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Real authentically aged copper plated hull, just like the actual USS Constitution (done to prevent the toredo worm from destroying the hull)
  • Built with rare, high quality woods such as cherry, birch, maple and rosewood
  • Perfectly taught rigging with varied thread color and thickness
  • 23 masterfully stitched, thick canvass sails that hold their shape and do not wrinkle
  • Meticulously painted to the actual USS Constitution
  • Machine turned brass cannons and metal anchors
  • Amazing details – planked deck with nail holes, authentic lifeboats, rudder chains, cannonball racks, handcrafted rosewood eagle on the stern, US shield on the bow and more
  • Rests perfectly on a large marble base between four arched dolphins
  • Requires hundreds of hours to build from scratch (not from a model kit) by our master artisans
  • To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as the original plans, drawings, paintings and pictures.
  • Dimensions: 30" Long x 9" Wide x 23" High (1:82 scale)
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Historical Significance

The USS Constitution is made of timber from Maine to Georgia and armed with cannons cast in Rhode Island and copper fastenings provided by Paul Revere. Launched in Boston on October 21, 1797, she first put to sea in 1798. Having remained a part of the U.S. Navy since that day, Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship in the world which is still afloat. Her first mission, during the late 1790's, was to guard American commerce in the Caribbean against French depredations. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent her to the Mediterranean to protect American ships and seamen from attack by the Barbary pirates. With Captain Edward Preble in command, Constitution and other ships of the squadron bombarded Tripoli. Thanks to such determination, a treaty of peace was signed in June 1805 between the United States and Tripoli aboard Constitution. After returning to the United States, Constitution was named flagship of the North Atlantic Squadron. In 1810, her new captain, Isaac Hull, took her to sea. Two years later she met and defeated HMS Guerriere, the first in a grand succession of victories in the War of 1812. It was during this ferocious battle that the seamen, astonished at how the British cannonballs were bouncing off the Constitution's hull, cried out - "Huzzah! Her sides are made of iron!" Hence, her nickname,"Old Ironsides."

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