FULLY Assembled - Free Marble Base Included

Handcrafted Models USS Constellation Limited Edition Model Ship
  • Over 3 feet long, this authentic model ship is a handcrafted masterpiece
  • Combine speed with firepower, display the USS Constellation in your home or office today!
  • Requires hundreds of hours to build from scratch (not from a model kit) by our master artisans
  • Built with rare, high quality woods such as light ebony, rosewood and blackwood
  • Handpainted the actual colors of the real USS Constellation still floating at Baltimore Inner Harbor
  • The model rests perfectly on a large polished marble base between four arched metal dolphins
  • Masterfully stitched canvas sails
  • No plastic fittings (metal anchors and machine turned brass cannons)
  • Significant deck detail - Including a lower deck!
  • To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as museums, drawings, copies of original plans and photos of the actual ship
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Dimensions: 37" x 12" x 28" (L x W x H) (1:100 scale)
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Historical Significance

The Constellation was the first US Navy ship to bear the Constellation name for the “Constellation of Stars” on the new American flag was launched in Baltimore in 1797. . Rating 38 guns, displacing 1,278 tons, with 164-ft. length and 40 ft., 6 in. beam, Constellation combined the firepower of a standard frigate with celerity of a Baltimore Clipper. Capable of cruising at 14 knots, she earned the nickname, "Yankee Racehorse."

In early 1799, she captured the French 36-gun frigate Insurgente off the West Indies. While the Insurgente was moving in to grapple, the speedy Constellation maneuvered across her bow and raked the Insurgente fiercely with a full broadside causing Insurgente to surrender.

In 1800, the 52-guns Vengeance and Constellation battled it out for 5 hours! While both suffered greatly the Vengeance, almost completely destroyed and in danger of sinking, escaped in the darkness. The Constellation went on to fight many more battles on the high seas.

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