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This is a fiberglass replica of a monster Snook taken out of the Florida Everglades measuring 44" in length. This beautiful, nautical sculpture looks wonderful in any setting and will be the topic of many discussions. This replica will not peel, fade, or crack and is designed for indoors, outdoors or dockside.

Description: Distinct black lateral line. High, divided dorsal fin with a sloping forehead. Large mouth and a protruding lower jaw. Grows much larger than other snook.

Size: Most catches 5 to 8 pounds.

Where found: From central Florida south, usually Inshore in coastal and brackish waters, along mangrove shorelines, seawalls, and bridges; also on reefs and pilings near shore.

Remarks: Spawns primarily in summer; cannot tolerate water temperatures below 60o F; can tolerate wholly fresh or saltwater; schools along shore and in passes during spawning season; feeds on fish and larger crustaceans.

Mount This Snook Replica
  • 44" L
  • Won't peel, fade or crack
  • All-weather
  • Durable fiberglass
  • Lifelike 3 dimensional
  • Vivid coloration
  • One sided
  • Lies flat against wall
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