Handcrafted Models HMS Leopard Model Ship
  • Includes a Model of Authenticity Certificate
  • Made famous in the Patrick O'brien novels
  • Our HMS Leopard is a museum quality handcrafted masterpiece
  • Add this model ship to your life today!
  • Requires hundreds of hours to build from scratch (not from a model kit) by our master artisans
  • Plank on frame construction (a painstaking process where each individual plank is added to the hull one at a time)
  • Built with rare, high quality woods such as light ebony, rosewood and blackwood
  • The model rests perfectly on a large, polished marble base between four arched dolphins
  • No fittings (machine turned brass cannons and metal anchors)
  • Note the significant detail including the planked hull where you can see the nail holes
  • To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as museums, drawings, copies of original plans and photos of the actual ship
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Dimensions: 36" L x 12" W x 29" H (1:106 scale)
Historical Significance

The HMS Leopard was made famous in the Patrick O’Brien novel “Desolation Island”, where Captain Jack Aubrey was assigned to rescue Governor Bligh of the famed “Mutiny on the Bounty”.

In history, the HMS Leopard, is best known for the “Chesapeake-Leopard” affair of 1807 (which many saw as a prelude to the War of 1812). Under the command of Captain Humphreys, the Leopard hailed the USS Chesapeake to search for suspected deserters. The Leopard sent a boat over to the Chesapeake with a copy of a search order. Denying the request, the Commodore of the Chesapeake sent the boat back while secretly clearing the gun decks in preparation for battle. Not letting himself be outwit, the HMS Leopard was prepared and fired three full broadsides on the Chesapeake. Able to fire off only one shot in retaliation, the Chesapeake surrendered and allowed the boarding and search previously requested by more peaceful means. Four suspected deserters were captured and brought back to the Leopard.

In 1812 the Leopard was converted to a troop ship and finally met her demise in 1814, by grounding in the Gulf of St Lawrence due to heavy fog.

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