Cutty Sark Ship Model by Abordage

The Clipper Ship era is unique and dynamic. This brief time from about 1840 to 1860 marked the first time in history that a merchant fleet sailed the world over with peaceful intent and practically unarmed.

Designed by Hercules Linton and built by Scott & Linton at Dumbarton in 1869 for the new traffic with the Far South East & Africa.
  • Our design team has taken orginal drawings and defined them in model scale
  • Constructed with the finest materials, including brass, stainless steel, and acrylic in our specialized workshop
  • To create the hull, the wood is processed in strips for traditional plank on bulkhead construction
  • Each model is hand crafted and requires serious craftsmen
  • The masts and boom are developed with every detail
  • The components and deck hardware are added, lines rigged and sails raised, all according to inspected "deck layout" and "rigging" drawings
  • After several quality control reviews the model is stamped and guaranteed for satisfaction
  • Dimensions: 37" x 24"
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