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Each atlas published in the 1700's held a large fold out map of the world usually named "Orbis Terrarum". Latin for Sphere of the World, they showed the two halves of the world. Maps then were colored and skilled artists highlighted boundaries, washed in oceans and mountain ranges, and delicately embellished cartouches. In this spirit and tradition, we carry on, printing maps on museum quality stock and coloring them in great detail to enhance both the informative and decorative aspects of early cartography.
  • Line art printed on acid free museum quality stock
  • Expertly hand colored
  • Inside mat made with exclusive gold foil filet
  • Mahogany wood frame with gold foil finish
  • Archival quality framing and matting techniques
  • Outside of frame measurements: 28.5" W x 23.25" H
  • Un-Framed Measurements: 22.75" W x 17.5" H

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