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A lot of early folk art originates from coastal cities. Ports were usually crowded with pubs and inns, since most passenger and merchandise traffic took place over water. Many sailors, with plenty of time on their hands, were active amateur artists. It's interesting to reflect on the nature of folk art. Nautical themes are everywhere in folk art; trade signs, figure heads, weather vanes and whimsical whirligigs, sailors and fishermen wanted to know from which direction the wind was blowing. The tradition of balance toys going back to an obscure little sailor's pub, it makes sense that we add a fearless pirate to our rather unique collection. As our pirate floats over the open sea, he paddles back and forth and his parrot bobs up and down.

  • Constructed of tin and iron
  • Hand crafted
  • Colors are yellow, blue, red, brown and black
  • Dimensions: 20.5" H x 8.75" W x 4.25" D
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