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Amsterdam was the world’s commercial and banking center in the 17th C. The city expanded dramatically and the mansions lining the characteristic canals were filled with curiosities, furniture, paintings and wall maps.Decorative wall maps of the period can be seen in many works of art dating back to Holland’s Golden Age, most notably in paintings by Vermeer. Bird’s-eye view maps were in special demand. Every building, every house could be identified, which added greatly to the map’s appeal.

Since the port of Amsterdam was its heart, the perspective is taken facing the waterfront from the northeast, whereas traditionally bird’s-eye maps are pictured from the south. Today the half-moon shape layout is the old city center. Some canals have been filled and changed to roads, but generally speaking this map is still quite accurate.

Continuing a 200 year-old tradition, the publisher, Gerred de Broen, was the last to issue a large decorative wall map of Amsterdam. The original was made up of four printed, engraved sheets. The original map is part of the Special Collections Department of the University Library of Amsterdam. AM worked together with the University in creating an exact facsimile.

  • Amsterdam Map 1737
  • Giclee Printed on Durable Fabric
  • Original Maps sourced at Major Museums & National Libraries
  • Cherry Wood Slats on Top and Bottom
  • Dimensions: 39” W x 38.2” W
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