Published by Etienne Turgot in 1739, our Paris map is one of the most decorative and celebrated maps ever made. Every street and building of the pre-Hausmann era is shown. Not a window, chimney-piece or turret has been omitted. Today's suburbs were yesterday's orchards. Windmills dotted the landscape. Its creation was a Herculean project that took over five years to complete. Turgot's Plan de Paris (in 3 wall scrolls on fabric, or as a 25 sheet art paper portfolio) is a remarkable technical achievement, a flight of the imagination created many years before the first manned balloon flight and the invention of photography.
  • Fabric giclee printed wall map of Paris, A.D. 1739 in three parts
  • French finished cherry wood slats, top with hardware
  • UV resistant fabric won't fade
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Hardware included
  • Dimensions: 98.5" X 63"

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