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Description: Brownish to golden brown top with white under side. Dark stripe (variably present) extends from nose to in front of dorsal fin and. Soft dorsal bae less than twice the length of the anal fin base.

Size: Young fish will school until they reach 10 to 20 pounds. The average size is 30 to 60 pounds with larger fish up to 100 pounds, are not to rare. The word record is 155 pounds, 10 ounces. The Florida record is 142 pounds.

Where found: Offshore species associated with rocky reefs, debris, and wrecks, typically in 60-240 feet of water. Sometimes caught near shore in south Florida. Juveniles associate with floating objects and may occur in water less than 30 feet deep.

Remarks: The largest of the jacks family are thought to spawn offshore throughout much of the year. They feeds on squid, fish, and crustaceans.

Fishing: Drifting, trolling, or at anchor can produce fish. They are strong big fish and require heavy tackle in the 40 pound and up range in deep water. Live baits are always best but fish can be caught on dead or trolled baits also.

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