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The United States and Great Britain certainly did not corner the market on tall sailing ships and there are more than a few notable contenders for greatest ship on the seas from around the globe. Whether their life at sea was short or long each replica model of the original has a story to tell and wonderful details to be proud of. Make one of these conversational beautiful pieces of art a part of your collection deserve it!

Batavia Model Ship
Batavia was the flagship of a convoy under the command of Francois Pelsaert, bound for the United Dutch East India Company. On its maiden voyage, it wrecked in 1629 on Morning Reef, off the West Australian coast. Most of the ship's crew and passengers were able to reach the nearby islands.

Black Falcon Model Ship
The Black Falcon was a two masted 18th century brigantine, commanded by famed pirate Captain William Kidd. It was on this ship that Captain Kidd, 1645-1701, commited larceny on the high seas. In January of 1698 Kidd and his crew were able to capture the 400 ton treasure ship the Quedagh Merchant. Kidd took the stolen treasure and buried it on Garndners Island, New York off the east end of Long Island. Kidd having stole the treasure from his crew was soon turned in by one of them. On May 23, 1701 Captain William Kidd was sentenced to be hung in England. This would end the life of one of the most notorious pirates every to sail the globe.

Richard Bon Homme Model Ship
John Paul Jones, whom many consider the father of the American Navy, took command of the Bon Homme Richard in 1779. Bon Homme Richard was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. On September 23, 1779, the Bon Homme Richard engaged the English frigate Serapis near Cape Flamborough in the North Sea. The battle was a turning point for a young American Navy. During the battle British Captain Pearson called out "Has your ship struck?" and Jones instantly replied "I have not yet begun to fight". After a fierce battle the American's captured the Serapis. In 1913, John Paul Jones was laid to rest in the crypt of the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis.

The Flying Cloud Model Ship
The Flying Cloud, a clipper ship, was the masterpiece of Donald Mckay the foremost marine architect and shipbuilder of his time. She was launched in East Boston in 1851. The Flying Cloud acquired a reputation for sailing faster than any other ship of her time. On one record breaking occasion she made the passage from New York to San Francisco in 88 days, a feat never again achieved by a sail powered ship. Flying Cloud met an unfortunate end when she ran aground in 1874, could not be rescued, and was burned to salvage metalwork.

Hermione Model Ship
The Hermione, a 12-pounder frigate was built at Rochefort in 1748 as an experiment and was the forerunner of all the 12-pounder frigates launched in the 18th century.

The Hermione will always be linked with helping the United States win its War of Independence. In 1778 France, who had made an alliance with the United States, declared war on England and on March 20, 1780, the French general, the Marquis de La Fayette, who had been named Major General of the American Army, embarked on the Hermione for one of the most important French events of the 18th century: the landing of their regiments at Newport in July to fight alongside the Americans.

Gothenburg Model Ship
The Gothenburg was an 18th century Swedish merchant ship. After the completion of its construction, which had started in 1738, it traveled, for the first time, to the port of Canton, China, during the period between January 1739 and June 1740. Since then, it made two more journeys to Canton , from February 1741 to July 1742, and from May 1743 to September 1745. Unfortunately, during the third trip's homecoming, when it was just 900 meters away from the dock of the harbor, the Gothenburg ran into a rock and thus sank, but no one appeared to have lost his life. However, while already in sight of the welcoming crowd on shore, the entire ship's cargo sank into the vast ocean, ending the Gothenburg's mission.

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